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Ms. Pontious bids Mariemont band farewell

BY JUDE HART There is never an idle moment in the life of a Mariemont band director. They have to teach at both the Terrace Park and the Mariemont elementary schools, as well as the junior high and the high school. On top of that, they’re in charge of marching band, pep band, AND concert […]

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Sculpture Class Creates Cardboard Chairs

BY OWEN DINGLE Tara Hasselbeck’s sixth bell Sculpture class was given a challenge three weeks ago to create a cardboard chair that could support someone sitting on it. The students were only allowed to use cardboard and glues (wood glue and hot glue) to create their sculptures by the deadline: Spring Break (March 24, 2017). […]

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DI Domination : the Crummy Cookies return

BY KAYLA DEWEY While the name “Crummy Cookies” may come off as, well, crummy, this Destination Imagination team is rich with subtle flavors: an original recipe for success. This team knows the perfect mixture of flour and sugar to concoct a victory. Over the last eight years, the Crummy Cookies have relied on creativity and teamwork […]

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