A Mariemont Tradition Renewed


2013 marks the 15th year of Mariemont High School’s Holiday Fair, started by Tom Crosby and Sue Keffer as a way to get students involved in raising funds for their various clubs, organizations, and councils. This year, the Holiday Fair is run by Mr. Hanley, Mrs. Goheen, and Mrs. Dolle.

According to Mr. Hanley, the Holiday Fair not only brings the community together, it is a logistically sound idea.

“It is a great idea as a once-a-year fundraiser. Prior to Holiday Fair, MHS was inundated with specific group fundraisers throughout the year. With Holiday Fair, we can raise the money all in one night,” says Hanley.

This year, the Holiday Fair will include many of the booths that we have seen in previous years, like the Band’s lifelike Angry Birds game; the Cross Country’s selling of Mariemont gear, and the baseball team’s speed pitch booth in the balcony.

(PHOTO BY SIMONS) Off the balcony hang the banners that will be overlooking the Holiday Fair

(PHOTO BY SIMONS) Off the balcony hang the banners that will be overlooking the Holiday Fair

This year, the highlighted focus is on two of the most interesting booths in the Holiday Fair, but are quietly the most interesting: The Book Club and Environmental Club.

The Book Club is headed by Mrs. Colpi and her student helpers. At this station, the Book Club offers used novels and books to anyone interested in a good read. They make and sell custom buttons as well.

“It draws both little kids and teens. The students that work their create friendships and it is a bonding experience for them”, said Colpi on the comparison of booths.

According to Colpi, their booth is popular and makes around “$140 on average.” Colpi states that the money goes to charity and for their Book Club gatherings. The money last year went towards the Gatsby Gala and this year it is going to the “Fandom Ball”, where students dress as their favorite characters.

The Environmental Club is run by Mrs. Dierker and some leaders of the club that helps out our planet’s ecosystems. Here, the Environmental Club sells various crafts and t-shirts at their booth, publicizing their idea of a clean world.

Dierker states that the Environmental Club’s booth is a hybrid type of booth and averages “anywhere from $150-$600”, which depends upon the year, according to Dierker.

As one of Mariemont’s traditions is renewed, do yourself a favor and attend the Holiday Fair, and look out for these booths: The Book Club and The Environmental Club.

According to Hanley, “it is neat to watch our students be proactive in raising money for our [school’s] organizations.”

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We had a great turnout this year, and fun was had by all.

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