This is Homecoming.


With star lights dangling from the gym balcony and the the DJ playing “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” Mariemont students will be breaking it down at this year’s Homecoming dance.

As there are many different ways for students to participate in the annual welcome back celebration, students of all the grades tell of various ways they get involved.

The week of October 1st is “Spirit Week” which is also the week of the Homecoming Game and Dance.  “Spirit Week” is a week full of dressing up for a designated theme. Junior Marin Valentine says, “Dressing up for Spirit Week is my favorite.”

Seniors Cassidy Bollman, Lily Toman, Maria Luz, and Lauren Stinnett all dressed up as Hippies for “Hippie Hump Day” of Spirit Week. (PHOTO BY LYONS)

Saturday, September 30, 2017 will marked this year’s first official day for float building. Sophomore Abbie Kapcar couldn’t wait to start float building. “I am on Student Council, so I am very involved in float building and I get to be on the float which for me is exciting,” says Kapcar.

Several students are looking forward to the Friday night football game. Freshman Jack Borgerding is excited to play in the football game against Reading. 

The Saturday night of the homecoming dance holds a different atmosphere than typical weekends.

Freshman Sophie Toman says, “I’m excited. I heard the dance is really fun.”

Her older sister, senior Lily Toman, is excited for her younger sister to be at the dance with her this year. “When my older sister Emma was a senior, she would come and dance with me even though I was a

Kyra George, Sari Gall, Courtney Robinson, and Kristen Crabtree at the concourse before their Junior Homecoming Dance. (PHOTO BY ROBINSON)

freshman,” says Toman. She plans to do the same with her younger sibling.

Senior Courtney Robinson sees the dance as something she will never forget. “This being our last year, I think it will just be another great experience for all of us and something we will definitely remember,” says Robinson. “It is just another part of high school and the dance is just as fun you make it.”


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