MHS students talk “staycations”


Spring break at MHS means students get a break from school and get to relax–at the beach, on the ski slopes, or at home. Many students claim that staying home can be boring.

Senior Meggie Keiser, who has spent previous spring breaks at her home in Terrace Park claims that the experience depends on the plans of other students.

“If all of your friends are home, then it feels like you’re playing hooky for a week and you have fun,” says Keiser, “but when all of your friends are out of town, a week at home becomes a different experience. It’s a fight against boredom.”

While Keiser usually has a few friends in town with her, she claims to stick to a few key rules to avoid certain hazards of staying home.

“Rule number one: never look bored. If possible don’t even stay in your house. My mom seems to have a sense for when I’m not doing anything and she’ll swoop in and make me do housework,” states Keiser.

Another way to combat boredom is productivity.

“I don’t usually work on any schoolwork over spring break, but I do try to either tan or keep my room clean. I also try to babysit. It’s nice to get paid,” states Keiser.

Junior Lakmal Ekanyeka usually stays home for spring break as well.

“I like to hang out with friends, family, and go out at night,” says Ekanyeka. “A good way to keep from being bored is working out and playing soccer.”

Junior Maggie Teghtmeyer usually doesn’t stay home for spring break, but has enjoyed doing both vacations and “staycations” in years past.

“I usually go on vacation, and sometimes I get to go with a friend. Everything’s always more fun with friends around. Staying home can get boring, but so can vacation. It’s what you make of it,” says Teghtmeyer.

Juniors Maggie Teghtmeyer and Kate Guastaferro re-enact their typical at-home spring breaks.

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